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Warrior by Frank Perero

Warriors line, the pages of history,

Proudly standing, where heroes have stood.

Bravely defending, those most at risk-

The weak and the helpless, the misunderstood.

I take their lead, in defending the honor,

Of those spiritual outcasts, caught up in life’s’ war.

For all these I fight, with a sternness of purpose,

My faith is my shield; my words are my sword.


Quick, come to the window, life’s forces are massing,

Waiting to mount, a vicious attack.

Advance scouts have been out, searching for weakness,

At every corner, and crossroad they’re at.

So we must remain diligent, we must remain calm—

To compromise our emotions, we cannot afford.

If we reason things out, we can defeat them,

Our faith is our shield; our reason’s our sword.


Predators line, the streets where we live,

They conspire and block, the paths that we take.

They’re an arrogant band, who too often find,

For all their crimes, they never will pay.

But they’re in my vision, I know who they are,

As I take a vow, for your just reward.

And in the battle, I’ll have the edge-

For my faith is my shield; and courage my sword.